BridgeWise Financial Partners is a Michigan based financial services company that specializes in late stage college planning, cash flow, and retirement solutions.


Retirement should be one of the most fun times of your life, enjoying the fruits of your life savings.

When you retire, we believe you should have more money to live off than before. Think of all the opportunity you will have to do the things you love: Dream vacations, golf every day, dinners with friends, and anything else you have imagined! How amazing!

It does take some planning though, since you don't want to run out of money 4 years into a 30 year retirement. Before retirement, there are many things that could snag your plans for retirement before you even get there.

With years of experience helping clients navigate these tricky decisions, BridgeWise Financial Partners understands how complex your finances can become. Life happens, and we want our clients to be ready.

Once you schedule your free evaluation with us, we can help you to plan your ideal retirement, free from financial worries and stress. Use our experience to leverage your financial resources into the retirement of your dreams!

We look forward to helping you, just like we have hundreds of other families!


At BrigeWise Financial Partners, we believe in helping people.

We can help you build a better retirement!

It's NOT all about pie charts and spreadsheets...

You're family's retirement idea is unique. Growing your wealth is just one small piece of the retirement puzzle. Seeking expert advice can help you avoid costly mistakes that could result in missing out on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every client is different and we approach each family with the time needed to find the solutions that fit their need. The families we work with found the following services to have a major impact on their finances, life, and future:

    • Cash flow planning
    • Retirement needs analysis
    • Social security timing calculations
    • Guaranteed Lifetime Income analysis
    • IRA or 401(k) distribution strategy
    • Mortgage and debt analysis
    • Growth potential index
    • Legacy value scorecard
    • Balance Sheet analysis
    • Pre-retirement checklist

Your family, with the help of BridgeWise Financial Partners,

could be ready for an amazing, fun, and stress free retirement.


Workshops allow you to learn valuable information about the retirement process in a comfortable educational setting.

As part of our commitment to our community, we encourage everyone who is looking to improve their retirement situation to attend our upcoming live workshops, with no tuition, fees or charges. The sooner you learn the facts, the better the outcome will be for your family's future (everyone wishes they attended 10 years ago!)

Click here to view the schedule and register for a workshop near you!

Free Consultation

Your Free Consultation is the easiest way to learn what you need to do to improve your individual retirement outlook and what your next steps are!

  • Your first meeting in our office is always free of charge. We take this opportunity to help you learn about what you can expect from the retirement process.

At this fast paced 1 hour meeting you will discover:

  • your family's "retirement number"
  • how taxes and changing tax rates could affect your retirement
  • an exact action plan to be sure you don't miss anything from social security
  • a personalized assessment of what you need to do to improve your retirement security

We have 3 requirements for your free consultation:

  1. Both spouses must attend (if married)
  2. You must bring necessary documentation from the provided list
  3. Come on time, ready to learn

To schedule your free evaluation, let us know the date and time you would like your meeting. Visit our contact page now!

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